Queen Elizabeth II – How she embraced technology during her reign

Her first email, first tweet, and even first public video conference call – the Queen made history in the IT industry over her 70-year rule.

It’s time to look back at some of the late monarch’s most notable tech milestones:


The Queen sent her first email on 26 March 1976 at an event celebrating the arrival of an early Internet network in England and beat most of the rest of the world to the punch by two decades.


In 1983, Apple released the first commercial personal computer with a graphic user interface. This year, the Queen sent her first Christmas message through broadcast.


Few years after the World Wide Web was launched, the Queen and her royal family published their first official website in 1997 and become one of the world’s first web pioneers.


The Twitter account @RoyalFamily was created in 2009 to post photos of the Royals. When Queen Elizabeth II visited the Science Museum in 2014, she published her first tweet.


When revisiting the Science Museum in 2019, the Queen published her first post on Instagram to describe her pleasure in learning about children’s computer coding initiatives.


During the pandemic, the Queen made history when participating in her first official video conference call as part of her public duties. Her Majesty’s remarkable contribution to the world will never be forgotten.


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