IT Project Management

Over the last 2 decades, we have overseen and managed numerous IT Projects, going from small projects such as the setup of home office remote working, to big sized projects such as the acquirement of a building in the London, and overseeing the construction of numerous offices, to fit our clients’ IT requirements such as not seeing cables around staff desks, having the correct number of floor sockets to match team layouts and more!

While our expertise is strong within the IT sector, our experts have a wide array of knowledge allowing them to manage IT projects effectively. Thanks to the relationships built over the last couple of years, our experts can also bring in the right people to work on the project with them, to achieve the objectives of the clients in a timely manner! Punctuality is key!

A little bit more information:

We want to build relationships with the people we work with. Our vision is long-term and while we have taken one-off projects, we prefer playing a pivotal role in the maintenance of the project long-term, even after completion as it makes our client’s life easier since we know what we have done on the site.

One of our clients acquired a building in the city, for which we worked with third parties from CCTV teams, to electricians to set up the office floors the way we designed them. The project had a timeframe, which we comfortably met. As of today, we still manage the entire building for them, from computers, printers to the overall internet connection of the building.

It depends on the size of the projects and the time it will take our experts to get everything done – Since we aim to build long term relationships with clients, our prices are very competitive as we aim for long-term relationships with the people we work with.

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