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When you imagine the future, and in particular, the future of technology, it is very hard to go without envisioning Robots, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Crypto and more! While the future is quite literally uncertain, SAR Computing has developed, over a years, a vision that has been backed up with a series of research both into current market trends, and the “uncertain” future.

Over the last decade, the exponential growth in the technology industry has meant that we can now do almost anything with a device or machinery. We have become so reliant on certain devices that the demand for new innovation and better assets keeps growing. We live a highly digital life and the development of our technological world is now the “New Normal”.

The best thing about this is that as a population, we are just at the beginning! The technological revolution is so young which means that we probably can only try to imagine how the world will look in 50 or 100 years. The recent pandemic (Covid-19) has accelerated the change in operation for businesses, forcing many to adopt remote working, for example.

At SAR Computing, we want to play an important role in this movement towards digital! We aspire to be a leading research company and we want to support the advances in technology, such as in artificial intelligence and quantum.


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