Office IT Relocations

Moving to a new office is a huge hassle, especially when it comes to your IT relocation. Ensuring your IT infrastructure gets safely from one place to another presents lots of challenges that are often beyond most businesses. That’s why we offer Office Moves and IT Relocation as part of our broader IT Consultancy services.

We want to keep our clients stress-free. Our office relocation tends to make sure that it doesn’t disrupt the business’ operation activities. Work hours are respected and we often work in the evenings when their activities are on standstill until the following day. We plan our moves effectively and take great pride in our work.

A little bit more information:

You’re assured of secure relocation and minimum to no downtime. Hiring an IT support company to complete your office relocation reduces the time your company is offline as we know exactly how to set up the new office, especially in terms of cable connections and locations. Rather than handling the move yourself, you can trust experts who work with sophisticated IT systems and infrastructure each day to relocate your office safely.

We’ve managed many projects over the years, including the management of a brand new building bought by one of our clients, which was turned into an office space for their business. From CCTV Cameras, to the actual internet connection that runs throughout the building, we can sort everything out for you!

Thanks to the relationships we’ve built over the years, we are confident we can get your job done without much hassle! You just need to tell us what you need 🙂

Office Moves – If you need your IT equipment moved to your new office space, we can strategically relocate it for you. By auditing your current setup, we ensure that all computers, accessories, servers, and other hardware are placed in the same configurations in your new office.

Cable Management – We can help clean up cables in the comms room, preventing hazardous trailing cables in the workplace. If you’re relocating your data and comms room, we can label and re-install your cables in their new space too.

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