Cyber Security Audit

“Identifying weaknesses is the first step towards protecting against Cyber Attacks!”

The first step to secure your data is to check your company’s implemented IT Structure to look for potential flows. Cyber Hackers work consistently to find a vulnerability in your business, but you should find them first so you could protect against them!

If you do not know what data you hold and/or where they are stored within your organisation, you cannot mitigate the risk effectively. This is why our IT Security Risk Assessment is the key to get started. Identifying the data you are holding and identifying weaknesses in your network is important to keep your business safe.

It is a vital step to identify your weaknesses in order to start protecting your firm against cyber threats.

A little bit more information:

It’s then time to protect your business.

Having identified potential flows, it is important to implement ways to protect your data. We have designed a unique strategy that works for all businesses. This does not only ensure that your system is safe but also complies with the Cyber Essentials; a UK Government Certification to help you guard against the most common cyber threats.

From e-mail protection to firewalls, our agency will make sure that your business is protected from every angle it could be attacked from. It is very important to change the little factors in your business that could lead to cyber attacks, such as changing the settings on your device, controlling the access to files, and keeping devices up to date, but also the bigger factors such as the training of staff and security policy.

We have all the expertise at CSE Agency to install and manage a range of security technologies that can stop vulnerabilities. We can fully manage your IT Infrastructure or work on a consultancy basis with your existing IT Team.  The choice is yours.

Once your strategy is in place, it is essential to stick to it.  37% of businesses experience a breach at least once a month. This means that at any time where your business has failed to comply with its cyber security policy, it is at risk of being attacked.

There are more and more regulations to adhere to in order to manage a business. Organisations that fail to take cyber attacks seriously risk reputation damage, fines, etc…

We are a certifying body for achieving Cyber Essentials (CE) certification; A UK government-backed accreditation for businesses. Cyber Essentials helps you to guard against the most common cyber threats and by implementing our 3-step methodology, you will obtain a certificate from the UK Government that will not only provide reassurance to your customers but also show them that you have taken cyber security seriously.

However, there is not a method that can protect your business completely, and to reassure you even further, we have partnered with an insurance company that will provide you with Cyber Security Insurance policy to protect and cover the cost in case of a data breach.

We guarantee that our effort in protecting your business will be at its highest level, and you can be sure that we will have the best protection necessary to prevent an attack from happening.

A Firewall and an Antivirus to protect your business is no longer strong enough to avoid cyber attacks. There is no 100% guarantee anymore but by following our solutions, you can reassure yourself you have done enough to comply with the regulations and also be safer than most of the businesses around the world.

Data Breaches can unfortunately come and our Emergency Response Team is always available to limit the damage and get you back on your feet very quickly (in most cases, within 24 hours).

If you are unfortunate to experience a Data Breach, Please rest assured that our team will do the necessary to get you back to normal work as quickly as possible. Our dedicated team will not only help you to bounce back but will provide you all the necessary tools to avoid this to happen again in the future.

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