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Managed IT Support

We provide managed IT support to businesses in the United Kingdom, but also around the world which includes IT services such as, Outsourced IT Support, IT Office Relocations, IT Remote working setup, IT Helpdesk, IT Infrastructure strategies, IT Monitoring, and IT awareness training for cyber-security threats. Our approach begins by getting to know the customer and their current way of operating, from which we can then devise customised and focused IT solutions to suit their business and their industry!

Our managed IT support is reliable, responsive, and proactive meaning that we do not wait for you to tell us about an issue for us to start working. Our IT Monitoring system means that we scan for potential problem 24/7, and try to fix issues in all transparency before it affects your daily activities. We have a strong client base in London, within and outside the city, but also abroad in many countries around the world.

A little bit more information:

Managed IT Support is regular monitoring of your IT systems, maintenance, repairs, and updates to your devices, tech, network and IT infrastructures.

Our responsibility is the smooth-running of your IT systems, including onsite support on your desktops, regulations, servers, network equipment and most recently, covid temperature systems. We provide regular maintenance, proactive IT monitoring and even cyber security services such as awareness training for your teams.

Besides the experience and the knowledge that we bring to the table from the years of being around in the industry, we bring our reputation and network over with us. We have been in the IT industry for nearly 2 decades, worked and built relationships with many companies from many different industries, meaning that there aren’t many issues that we haven’t encountered before.

Employing an in-house team to manage everything, from internal networks and systems monitoring to cyber security and cloud support, is expensive. With managed IT solutions, your business gets the benefit of IT expertise for a fraction of the cost. Managed IT service providers close the gap between an in-house IT team and external, ad-hoc IT technicians.

An in-house IT team to manage everything from networks to system monitoring will be very expensive. This is without mentioning the need to get an expert cyber-security and cloud supports team.

With us, you basically close the gap between a traditional in-house IT Team and an external technician. We can manage all of your work, and be on-site responsively to solve issues.

How can we help you?

Contact us at anytime if you have any enquiries; our team will be happy to assist you.

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