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We offer WiFi solutions to businesses, regardless of their size. Our clients range from SMEs to big organisations in the finance industry. We provide a fully managed solution that keeps everyone in your company connected, whether it’s wireless internet for your tablets and laptops or courtesy WiFi for staff and guests. Our engineers can design and install a business WiFi network that covers all devices and provides a fast and stable connection.

Our WiFi solutions take your company’s needs and daily activities into account. We consider the size of the office, the area surrounding the building, type of devices used by the business, requirements, and security preferences.  With our managed IT services, we can also monitor the performance of your network and make changes instantly.

A little bit more information:

With remote working becoming more common, businesses need WiFi solutions for their employees’ home offices as well. Standard WiFi packages for home use aren’t suitable for business purposes. You need a wireless connection that won’t drop video conferencing calls and can handle large file transfers while remaining secure. we provide top-end internet for teleworkers, so you can maintain your productivity level with a work-from-home business model.

Our high-speed Internet solutions for home offices include secure and reliable networks with on-site installation. We can also provide security and usability features, such as protecting against viruses and ransomware or enforcing acceptable use policies. With our WiFi services for home workers, you can also limit access to certain business applications by role or user.

To keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, you need a good internet and WiFi connection. Business WiFi packages come with better speed and increased connectivity, ensuring consistent performance of all online activity. Better WiFi performance means improved business communications between your teams, which promotes efficiency. Business WiFi also improves external processes, increasing customer satisfaction, and leading to more sales or more clients.

Business WiFi networks are also more secure than standard ones. Any company, big or small, can be the target of cybercriminals so you’ll need enhanced security features for going online. With business WiFi, you also have less infrastructure to worry about and better mobility throughout your office. Our managed business WiFi solutions can be combined with our VoIP service for a full connectivity package.

Ensure your company’s efficiency and safety with a secure and high-performing WiFi.

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