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For companies wanting to break into the world of electronic commerce and extend the sales reach of products and services using the net, we can build an ecommerce solution to suit your needs at a cost-effective price.

We look at all the phases of the sales cycle, from initial purchase, through the ordering process, delivery to returning feedback from a customer after delivery of the product/service. Full order tracking, checking and accounting systems can also be integrated into the ecommerce solution.

A little bit more information:

Among the many different benefits, eCommerce websites allow you to broaden your brand, they are more convenient, help you increase your reach and gives you marketing opportunities.

Furthermore, as your business grows it’s very likely you’ll want to grow your product range and your target audience, as well as develop your business for customer requirements and consumer demand.

There are 3 factors you should consider when choosing your platform:

  • Cost to entry,
  • Extra costs/headaches
  • Scalability

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Many people do most of their shopping online now for a variety of goods and services. This means that having a website that’s both visually enticing and easy to use can offer your business a new platform to conduct trade.

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