IT Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is an IT solution designed to help organisations respond to any given disaster scenario, with the objective of sorting the issues out in a timely manner, while maintaining business activities.

This IT solution needs to anticipate the loss of critical IT components within the IT Environment such as computers, hardware, servers, laptops, connectivity, data storage, and more!

In order to achieve efficiency when dealing with issues such as a cyber-attack and data loss, it is essentials for organisations to plan for a combination of internal and external resources to assist the recovery. The success of a recovery plan is often based upon important factors such as how much the company’s activities were disrupted, the longevity of the disruption, and the fear it created among staff and the company.

A little bit more information:

As part of our range of managed IT services, we offer regular data backup, storage, and reporting. We’re thorough in our backup processes so that your business is prepared in the event of a disaster. We offer full backup solutions, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and cloud backups as part of our services.

It’s impossible to function in today’s digital world without secure data. Protecting your company’s and your customers’ data should be a top priority if you intend to grow. One small vulnerability can result in a cyber attack, bringing your system down. If you don’t have everything backed up, your business likely cannot continue. Additionally, if you don’t have a recovery plan in place, your downtime will result in significant losses.

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