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Cloud Backup

It is extremely easy to lose files online, if not stored and backup properly. Many businesses rely on their file management systems to run daily operations, and the breach or loss of data online could result in lots of damages and downtime. It is very important to have a good cloud backup strategy in place. Monitoring backups regularly reduces the chances of data loss, while making sure that the business experience very little to no downtime in its operation. After all, they say time is money!

Many older businesses still use onsite backup instead of online backups. While this is not necessarily a problem, it does come with higher risks than backing up your files on the cloud. for instance, your hard format backup system could fail if a disaster has affected your servers. It is also worth noting that the overall cost of online backup has reduced immensely over time, making it a very reasonable option to turn to.

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While the answer depends on many different factors, we would almost always advise online backup!

Besides the experience and the knowledge that we bring to the table from the years of being around in the industry, we bring our reputation and network over with us. We have been in the IT industry for nearly 2 decades, worked and built relationships with many companies from many different industries, meaning that there aren’t many issues that we haven’t encountered before.

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