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Audit of the company’s IT environment and upgrade on the IT devices done quickly and effectively. Potential problems in the IT infrastructures identified and solutions provided

Trading Company
City of LondonCity of London, United Kingdom

Contacted SAR Computing to set up a secure infrastructure around the office. Still managing it to this day.

Loan Provider
Green ParkGreen Park, United Kingdom

Called SAR Computing when we needed a new cybersecurity infrastructure around the office and on the software we used.

Real Estate Agency
RichmondRichmond, United Kingdom

Needed some advice regarding my personal password spreadsheet and what I could do to make it safer and more secure so I called SAR Computing and they were very helpful.

LondonLondon, United Kingdom

On one of my most prestigious projects of 2021, I contacted Asif to come and help with the IT environment around the building which was going to be converted into an office space. His expertise helped to identify and create a fast connection all around the building, along with the perfect requirements on each staff’s desk including fast VoIP and computer connections. Definitely one of my most reliable contacts!

LondonLondon, United Kingdom

Urgently needed to migrate my website when I contacted SAR. Thank you for having done it in a very efficient manner! All my future projects will definitely be going to SAR.

City (London)City (London), United Kingdom

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